MindSet Playbook

We all have sought success in our lives only to get stuck along the way or detoured from our goals and visions and at times not even knowing it. Journey with Larry into the mindset of like-minded people who share the plays they’ve found success with and learn new perspectives for maximizing yours. Your host and success coach Larry Olsen, a student and teacher of performance-driven neurology, asks the questions that uncover the plays and insights to every day high-performance, exceptional growth and personal achievement.

          Larry has worked with many of the top Fortune 50 companies from developing their sense of purpose to facilitating the associate collaboration necessary to achieve beyond company expectations. He has worked with many smaller business, championship athletic teams to personal coaching with one purpose in mind; bring out the best in others and you’ll bring out the best in yourself, family, company and the world. His lighthearted attitude and infectious personality make listening and more importantly incorporating his insights into your own life, easy and enjoyable. His latest book; Get a Vision and Live It, has assisted thousands in learning how to truly have the time of their life, right now!