MindSet Playbook

The Joy of Accountability

Episode Summary

Life can run so smoothly and predictably until something happens, when you’re either looking for reasons to blame it on, or as Diane shares with us, you’re looking for reasons to move forward with joy and excitement. For the last 24 years Diane has served as COO of Aperneo, a cutting-edge organization with a specialty in developing high-performance cultures through engaged associates. She has a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology with extensive experience in neuromuscular developmental centers and residential head injury facilities, specializing in cognitive development and cognitive retraining. Basically, assisting people to get back their lives after a head injury. Among other fascinating programs she has developed, Diane worked doing hippotherapy as a speech-language pathologist with autistic children. Her life work continues to be both a mentor and mother of 5 amazing children. Aperneo.com